CECP Findings and What They Mean

Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities in CSR

Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities in CSR

The CECP Giving in Numbers report highlights changes and averages in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) space over the past year through analyzing over 200 companies. With benchmarking in mind, the stats reported by CECP provide insights into the strengths, challenges, and opportunities facing companies with CSR programs.


  • Employees who know that their company is invested in making the world a better place (through reporting strong financial and environmental, social and/or governance performance metrics) feel a stronger sense of purpose in their day-to-day work. Feeling this sense of purpose increases employee productivity up to 13%.
  • Giving teams continue to demonstrate resiliency at companies, even in the face of declining total employees. Having CSR efforts helps keep morale high, even during difficult times.


  • CECP noted only a 1% increase in median total giving. We find that giving is a big ask of employees, so finding ways to encourage and streamline the giving process will facilitate higher giving participation, and filter down to the bottom line of total giving.
  • The average corporate volunteer participation was 31%, meaning 69% of the average company has not volunteered. Lower the barriers for your employees by bringing volunteer activities to them. Lunch hour or onsite volunteering enables employees to volunteer without extensive time commitment, and increases participation.


  • 55% of companies measured increased trust with consumers and stakeholders, using this metric as a benchmark of success for community investments. When consumers and stakeholders trust - instead of question -  company investments in local communities, they are more likely to support your brand with both their words and their wallets. With $1 in corporate philanthropy equal to $6 in sales revenue, stakeholder trust in your company's CSR initiatives has never been more important. Now is the time to grow your program, with buy-in from all stakeholders!

Read the full report here: Benchmarking - CECP Giving In Numbers Report Findings

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